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Charlie's Waiting
By Mêlissa Annis

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"Annie’s initial awkwardness slowly solidifies into dominance. Through Scanlon’s sparkling performance, Annie comes to control the very atmosphere with a mere look. (I couldn’t help imagining, given the English setting, an alternative-universe Keeping Up Appearances episode where perpetually terrified Elizabeth turns the tables on force-of-nature social climber Hyacinth.)"

Jon Sobel

"The icing on this delicious cake is the cast and Amy Scanlon breathe life into Charlie's Waiting, creating rich, intriguing characters that inspire a desire to know as much as possible. My biggest critique is simply that I wanted more—more of Charlie's Waiting, but also more shows about passionate, three-dimensional characters like these, acted by gifted actors like these. When the show ended, I wished we were only at intermission, so I would have more time with this fascinating world of strange and endearing women."

Shoshana Roberts

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